About Neighbouring

Neighbouring is a blog about people creating and curating things in and around Manchester making this city a special place. It is a platform to celebrate the brave leaving the path of the ordinary and risking a more instable but maybe also a more fun approach to life. This blog is a story collection of humans I meet and places I see and like. You will read about boat builders and plant obsessives, quirky crafters and entrepreneural odballs. I hope those biographies will inspire you in a way they have inspired me.

About Me

I am Sarah, a freelance journalist living in Manchester since August 2017. In summer 2016, I visited the city for the first time and had an immediate crush on it. I quit my job, sold most of my belongings and moved. An awesome but yet frightening experience as I traded comfort for adventure.

Originally, I am from Offenbach in Germany where I used to work as an editor in the local department at a daily newspaper. I loved being the eyes and ears of my hometown, meeting new people, writing about their ideas and motivations. In July 2018 I created this blog: On Neighbouring I now share experiences and stories that are close to my heart.


Email: hello@neighbouring.eu
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Twitter: @NeighbouringMCR
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