Meet Emma: The Plant Shop Owner

A stone's throw away from Stockport's historic market hall a little green paradise fulfils plant lovers' dreams. Head-high rubber trees, majestic monsteras, and stiff-armed cacti-soldiers greet customers entering Emma Nosurak's Plant Shop.

Emma’s greenery store is far more extraordinary than its name might give away at first. In the old town of Stockport she has created a colourful space with special keepsakes from near and far. Everything in there is carefully chosen: pots, ceramics, cards, candles, and jewellery. Some products are made by local artisans, others are handcrafted in and shipped from buzzing metropolises all over the world. Emma picks up a bundle of dried sage out of a shelf and comments: „I get this from a man, who sells at a farmers market in Los Angeles.“

A lot of these treasures Emma encounters on her numerous travels. Before starting her plant business, she has been a booker for bands and toured with them around the world. „I did Estonia, France, Canada, Australia – in less than a month“, Emma explains. Two years ago, on a trip for her 40th birthday, she falls in love with a quirky plant shop in Melbourne. „I visited it three times during the stay – I was just drawn to that shop,“ she recounts. „As soon as I got back home, I ordered 100 cacti of the internet, put them outside of my office and started selling them.“

„I love Stockport, especially the old-town. The mix of old-fashioned and adult shops – to me, that makes the beauty of it.“

Emma decides to quit the touring life. And exchanges it for a much more personal project: her very own plant shop. „I’ve always been a hustler …  in a creative way“, she says jokingly. From the moment she found an empty shop space in the centre of Stockport, she knew: that’s the place to plant her business. „I love Stockport, especially the old-town. The mix of old-fashioned and adult shops – to me, that makes the beauty of it,“ she says.

Emma grows up in the countryside, in a small market town in the North-East of England. After studying Fashion and Textiles in Leicester, she moves to Leeds, where she creates her own jewellery brand „Hiya Luv“. „It was a lot of beads and peacock feathers“, Emma remembers. The collection is successful – some pieces are getting stocked in Urban Outfitters. With a new job comes a new city: 12 years ago Emma starts working as an Assistant Producer at the  Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show on BBC 6 and moves to Manchester.

„I enjoy being part of the community in Stockport“

In August 2018 The Plant Shop celebrates its first anniversary. Emma still works as a booker but with an extremely reduced workload. Always by her side: Herbie Hancock, a black-curled Poodle-Bichon-Mix, who likes to relax on a bright Mexican blanket. Sitting on a bamboo chair in between two massive cheese plants Emma says: „It is the happiest I felt since moving to Manchester.“

Like the plants the concept of her store is growing steadily. Emma always comes up with new ideas, such as a delivery service for bigger botanicals. Soon, she is going to host small events, which will transform the Plant Shop into a communal hub. „I enjoy being part of the community in Stockport“, Emma explains. A little fridge with cold beers and a new coffee machine are now waiting for neighbours to come around. Besides all those other beautifully curated things in her colourful refuge.

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17. Januar 2018