On Corona and Other Viruses

Hey Neighbours,

It’s been a while since I last postet an article on here. The moment felt right, to pick it back up again. In the past couple of months the world has changed completly. Relationships, families, jobs – everything is different since the pandemic kicked in. Although it has been – and still is – a tough time for everyone, I try to see the positive things, that came with Corona.

A revived sense for community for example. I feel like people appreciate the company of others much more than they did when it was part of their everyday. I crave seeing my friends and family more than I did before and really miss a face-to-face conversation.

Maybe it is this new sense of togetherness, which is now mirrored in the Black Lives Matter movement, showing so strong in last weeks protest at Picadilly Gardens. I was not surprised how many Mancunians attended the protests, but it was moving to see a sea of people mourning the death of George Floyd, who was brutally killed by the police, and standing up against racism. It really showed that even after being locked away for months – community matters. Maybe more than it ever did before.

I read a really good post the other day which was saying something along the lines of: Racism is like a virus – act like you have it and try to save others from getting it.

I hope that we will manage to overcome both pandemics with education, respect and and sympathy for one another.



24. Oktober 2019